Ramzan Relief package 2017

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Utility Stores Corporation (USC) has evolved comprehensive strategy to ensure quality and standard for sale and purchase of products during the holy month of Ramazan.

The USC would announce Rs 1.5 billion as subsidy during holy month of Ramazan to facilitate customers in stores all over country, a Spokesman of Utility Stores Corporation Wajid Ali Khan Swati told the state-run news agency in Islamabad on Thursday.

The Spokesman said the USC also would provide 10 to 15 percent concession on 1500 items of food and beverage including pulses, sugar, spicy items and beverages of different companies in the holy month to give relief to common man.

The USC has formulated Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) for the companies to ensure certification of ISO-9002, under which, they will sale their products to the corporations store.

The Spokesman said that priority of the USC would be to evolve institutional mechanism for quality control of the items, adding that professionally qualified firms would also be engaged for quality test of items.

Wajid said that monitoring and evaluation teams would also be sent in during Ramazan to verify the complaint, adding that complain centre also established in this regard.