Seeking Forgiveness

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) told us, “He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while his neighbor goes hungry.” Sharing food with those who are in need, specially when it is needed the most, i.e. during the holy month of Ramadan provides us an opportunity to gain Allah’s forgiveness and kindness.

Start your Ramadan off right by giving food and becoming Sahara.

About Sahara

Sahara is an initiative of the Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan. Besides providing subsidized food during Ramadan, USC aims to reach those families who cannot even afford subsidized food.

We target to reach 5 million families with a free food pack throughout the country. Sahara is 100% voluntarily funded, so every donation counts. Being the largest retailer, USC’s aims to leverage its own footprint of nationwide stores to ensure that 100% of donations go directly to Sahara and those families.

Our Mission

We dream about a country where we care for our less privileged brothers and share moments of joy and togetherness with them during Ramadan.

This is only possible when we become one and united. Ramadan is a precious opportunity to feel, with our bodies and hearts, a connection with less fortunate. Sahara’s mission is to build a strong and bounding platform for more impactful change and where anyone can work for this cause TOGETHER.
As Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan, we have already stepped out to make a real difference with a platform which is collaborative, transparent and innovative. Join hands with Sahara to make this possible and share the passionate energy to bring happiness and smiles.


It’s Allah’s blessings that many of us are fortunate to spend Ramadan without thinking about our daily needs of Suhur or Iftar. But it’s not the same with millions of less fortunate around us.
Ease their Ramadan by contributing your Zakat, Fidaya, Sadaqa or Kafara. With us, you will get a guarantee that every single penny is being spent in the right way through a nationwide distribution centers and a transparent system which even connects donors with beneficiaries.
Your Ramadan donations will help us distribute food packs to impoverished families across Pakistan.

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Our Core Values


We show our progress and where meals are distributed.

National Outreach

5,000 Utility Stores spread across the country will ensure that Sahara gets distributed evenly across Pakistan

5 Million Meals

Pakistan’s first ever largest food pack distribution target

Corporate Partnerships

We work mutually with corporate sector for this greater cause

Corporate Partnerships

For hundreds of thousands of families celebrating Ramadan this month, Iftar is just a distant dream. We are calling on everyone; individuals and corporations, to join the fight against hunger this Ramadan and help families around the country break their fast with smile.
If you or your company would like to be a part of Sahara, please contact us by filling out the application form.


Preserving Dignity

Sahara believes in maintaining the dignity of our lovely people. The experience of receiving packs from utility stores is just like as if you are shopping from our stores. The beneficiaries will simply need to present the provided food vouchers with their CNIC to receive Sahara packs from any of the Utility Store closest to their vicinity.

Connecting Donors With Beneficiaries

Sahara is a unique platform which empowers those who donate to track their donations and in turn further promote transparency in the sector. A donor is given a choice to recommend their own beneficiaries with their CNIC card numbers to make pack disbursements. Donors will be instantly notified upon pack collection.

We want to become the benchmark for the food donation process

Sahara Packs

You can donate the value of the monthly food parcels that are delivered to the beneficiary families, according to the family’s category and the value of the package. The food parcels contain 22 food items that meet the needs of the family for one month to prepare three meals a day.

USD $15 (PKR 2,200)
USD $35 (PKR 5,000)


Sahara is Free Ramadan Food Ration Programme from Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan. It is 100% funded by People, Donors & Corporate sector companies who joined hands to enable the poverty stricken families to enjoy their fasting during Ramadan.

Sahara seeks funding to achieve its target of delivering 5 million packs. If you would like to get in touch, email us at
Sahara is the platform with the biggest beneficiary database of well deserving families. This information has been validated through Government and Community Activists. Sahara food coupons will be made available to these families who in turn will visit their nearest utility stores to claim their Sahara packs. A computerized system will verify their coupons with the valid CNIC to ensure transparency during the distribution.

Sahara also allows donors to nominate beneficiaries by providing their CNIC and Mobile numbers.
Simply register as a donor on Sahara. The website provides bank details to transfer your donations. A verification email will be sent to confirm receiving your donation. If you have nominated beneficiaries, Sahara will also send confirmation email when the beneficiary collects his/her Sahara Pack.
A single pack serves the need of a 4 person’s family for a month. This costs 15 USD or 2200 PKR. The amount depends on your willingness and generosity. Atleast help one family for their monthly needs. The more you donate, the happier you feel so we leave this decision to you.
Sahara is not simply a Ramadan ration pack; in fact it is a collaborative platform with transparency and nationwide outreach. Corporate partnerships, generous donors and efficient distribution through Utility Stores ensure to create a difference and leave a powerful impact.

It is Pakistan’s first Ramadan food programme which connects donors & beneficiaries. You can track when your nominated beneficiaries collect the pack. And we do it all by preserving the dignity of people. They feel as if they are shopping within stores. No long queues with disgusting waiting times.
Sahara is willing to engage with companies around Pakistan. Our target of delivering 5 million packs is challenging, yet possible with your collaboration. All you need is to write an email to us at with your details and our partnership representative will contact you immediately to finalize your donations.
Help us raise money for Sahara food packs distribution. You can do it by sharing the Sahara link with your contacts, encourage your family member to donate at least one food pack, send our poster to your phone contacts and share this link on your social media to engage and encourage others

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If you feel that Sahara can make a meaningful impact on the lives of millions around us, please contact us. We need your generous support and donations to make this happen

Contact Info

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  • Whatsapp 0341-111-666-7